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Grief and Trauma Relief

Step 1

Feel free to download this complimentary help-sheet:

Grief and Trauma Relief Handbook
And welcome to the beginning of a life-changing (drug-free) possibility of resolving all the ill-effects (mental, emotional, and physical) of all your past traumas and griefs, so you can be free to really enjoy life, and love, and being alive once again.

Step 2

Schedule a complimentary 10-minute consult

Learn how I work and have all your questions answered honestly.

When I take on a new case, I do whatever it takes to get a healing result for you, and if after following my recommendations fully, there happened to be absolutely no result (thankfully this has never happened), I would be willing to refund half your fee on request, because although it’s my time and expertise I’m charging for, my interest is in getting a healing result for all my clients.

Freeing yourself from the ill-effects of trauma and traumatic stress is likely the most important thing you can do in your life right now, because it frees you up to be who you really are, and happily so. Being trauma-free is being free to be your true self and live the life you most want to live. Being trauma-free means being emotionally free to find fulfillment, and spiritually free to contribute beyond yourself to the fulfilment of others.

Step 3

Once a month I give 3 hours of DONATION ONLY trauma relief sessions:

A donation only service for those suffering grief or trauma who might not otherwise be able to work with me.

The 1ST Sunday of every month, first come first serve reservation calendar – 3 hours total, typically one hour per session. Time slot: 9 a.m. to 12 noon Toronto, Canada time.

If you’re suffering from trauma, and struggling financially, and would like to experience a TFT trauma treatment, you can book a donation only trauma relief TFT session right now.  You needn’t understand or believe in TFT for it to be effective.

Lest you think TFT incapable of resolving the ill-effects of severe trauma, please read this letter below from the Surgeon General of Kosovo, sent to my mentor, colleague, and Homeopathic client, Dr. Roger Callahan, founder of Thought Field Therapy, and previously published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology..

The following letter is taken from articles appearing in The Journal of Clinical Psychology (Oct 2001):




Trauma in Kosovo was treated with Thought Field Therapy (TFT) during five separate trips by members of the Global Institute of Thought Field Therapy, in the year 2000. Clinicians from Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States were joined in Kosovo by four physicians who transported them to remote war-torn villages where victims of severe trauma were treated. Treatment was given to 105 patients with 249 separate traumas. Total relief was reported by 103 of the patients, and for 247 of the separate traumas. Follow-up data averaging five months revealed no instance of relapse.

Letter from the Surgeon General of Kosovo to TFT Founder Dr. Roger Callahan

Jan 30, 2001

Dear Dr Callahan,

Many well-funded relief organizations have treated the post traumatic stress here in Kosovo. Some of our people had limited improvement but Kosova had no major change or real hope until volunteer American Professor Carl Johnson came to help us with the method that you discovered, Thought Field Therapy.

We referred our most difficult trauma patients to the Professor. The success from TFT was 100% for every patient and they are still smiling until this day.

The Professor has been training our medical personnel in your amazing methods of psychotherapy and we are also having success now. Dr Callahan, Kosova loves Thought Field Therapy.

As Chief of Staff of the Medical Battalion of K.P.C. I have full authority over all medical decisions in Kosova. I am revising this completely and starting a new national program.

The Emphasis of the national program will be Thought Field Therapy.

Dr Shkelzen Syla
Medical Chief of Staff
(Surgeon General)

C.L., Clinical Hypnotherapist, Colorado, USA

Over the past 27 years I have worked hard to heal myself from post traumatic stress disorder, and the effects of trauma from a VERY dysfunctional and sexually abusive childhood. Now, years later, after many abuses, broken marriages, betrayals, and abandonment of all kinds, I find myself at last working with Norma whose healing abilities include Homeopathy and the amazing work she does with TFT, which was something I knew nothing about. After hearing emotional distress in my voice during an unrelated call, Norma offered treatment, and I accepted. She began working with me to eliminate the effects of past traumas, and in only three sessions by phone, I have had wondrous results and am already feeling healthier! Even though my much loved only brother passed away just 3 weeks ago, I feel 90% percent less depressed and nervous already. And the old triggers of thinking about ‘the men of my past’ have disappeared, along with the acute betrayals of a former partner who also recently died, leaving me fearful that one more ‘passing’ so close to the other might send me over the edge. Then, along came Norma and her totally astounding gifts of intuition and sharp listening ability, to “SAVE MY DAY!” (albeit my life..!). God Bless you, Norma. I believe you hold the key to complete health for myself, and all those lucky enough to experience your work, which feels easy and nearly effortless, and the results are so quick. I cannot thank you enough for your dedication to your GREAT service.[/su_quote]For all of the above reasons, and more, I am offering 3 hours of donation only TFT trauma treatment, once a month, to people suffering the ill-effects trauma or grief – whoever you are and wherever you may be. Call me. This is my spiritual contribution, a way of giving back.