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Treating children is a serious matter requiring deep trust

I love treating kids, and especially love getting good results with difficult cases, like Autism, chronic eczema, and various challenging conditions.

I’m treating a 6 year old autistic boy right now, who is already 60% better after only a few weeks on his whole body protocol. His parents are thrilled, to say the least, and it’s so fun and completely adorable to do Thought Field Therapy (TFT) with him over the phone.

When we first started, we had to do his TFT treatments using his mother as a surrogate for him because he was unable to repeat the phrases, or follow the instructions, or tap the correct points, or pay attention for more than a few seconds at a time. And now, only a few weeks into it and he’s doing his own tapping, following instructions accurately, tapping the correct points in the correct order, and clearly reaping huge benefits. Given that one of the very first things his mother told me was that he was “incapable of following instructions”, it’s a huge and welcome change. And to make it even better, he’s having fun trying to beat me to the next correct TFT phrases to say, and he knows that I know that he’s enjoying making a game of it. He totally ‘gets it’ now…and in fact, gets it even better than some adults.

If you need help

contact me for an initial pre-case consultation

If you need help

contact me for an initial pre-case consultation

Even if I get tired physically, I am still buoyant and happy to be alive. I am deeply impressed by the method Norma used for treating me – especially all the way from Canada to Russia. It is a miracle how it worked! Continue Reading

A.B. North Ossetia January 25, 2016

I remember years ago when I first began studying Homeopathic Medicine, and had not ever seen an autistic child as yet, as there were few around in those days. I was sitting in my Chiropractor’s waiting room, when a woman came in with her little boy (maybe 3 years old) walking on his tip toes and making weird gestures, and not talking properly. He looked quite normal, so I wasn’t sure what to make of him. I remember thinking: he’s probably allergic to milk, and something’s making him act weird – maybe parasites, or post-vaccination syndrome, or too many bad bugs hanging around in his system. That’s what I thought, even back then, before we knew anything about the importance of the human microbiome.

At the time, it seemed like a simple case: remove the milk and other toxins, antidote the ill-effects of vaccines with Homeopathics, and crowd out the bad bugs with good ones. Seemed like no big deal to me at the time, and I really wished I could have treated that little boy and gotten for him the results I’m getting for my little clients today, but I hadn’t graduated yet.

It was a few years more before I saw another child who seemed to be autistic. Some friends were visiting my grown daughter and they all came over for a Sunday afternoon visit. And though no one used the word ‘autistic’, you could tell there was something wrong with their baby boy. And though we didn’t have the term back then, he was definitely “on the spectrum” as they say now-a-days (as if it were a normal sort of thing).

As well as looking ‘not present’, their son screamed and screamed and screamed, and could not be comforted. The father walked him around the yard non-stop for an hour or more, as others ate and socialized. The mother told how the baby began screaming at about 6 weeks old, and had been doing so pretty much non-stop ever since. It was awful – a piercing violent noise, relentless. And not really a cry, as there were no tears. Finally, I felt compelled to ask if they’d like to try a homeopathic remedy. They had never heard of Homeopathy (sigh) but were willing to give anything a try. I was still a student, so I called my clinic supervisor who confirmed the remedy I was considering, and I gave it to the baby. A few minutes later the screaming stopped – just like that.

The next time I saw the child was more than a year later. He looked ‘present’ this time, and behaved normally too. As it turned out he went on to be a good student in school, and last I heard had become a musician.

Now years later, I especially enjoy getting results with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) cases, and I hope you will take a moment to click and see some Testimonials.

How I work and What to Expect:

The healing results I get with children come as a result of specific, carefully tailored whole body protocols, including 100% natural and unique supplementation, identifying and removing toxins, constitutional Homeopathy, Thought Field Therapy treatment, dietary changes, best probiotic ever, and various other things as needed. The Whole Body Protocol for children is managed by me directly, on a per case basis, and requires a pre-interview (free of charge) to determine if there is a good fit and best chance for desired success. I take only a few ASD cases per month, as each of these cases can be like a full time job of it’s own 🙂

If your child is somewhere “on the Spectrum”, be prepared for an initial 6 week minimum commitment to see results. And though some results can and usually are seen within the first week or two, it takes a few weeks to get going on the full protocol, to make the necessary in-home changes, get some testing done, follow the specially tailored natural supplement and homeopathic remedy protocols, tune up the diet to defuse various symptoms, and establish regular corrective Thought Field Therapy sessions. Provided we’re seeing clear results, we keep on going until all the little improvements start looking like big changes.

In general, the Whole Body Protocol for children (including non-ASD children and generally healthy children as well) is relatively similar to the Whole Body Protocol for adults, while adjusting for age and size of the child, and most especially for the exact symptoms of mind, body, and spirit.

Following the Initial Protocol which usually jump-starts the desired results quite nicely, we then continue on with TFT treatments, Homeopathic remedies, and various effective protocols to keep and increase the new patterns of improvement and wellness on-going over time, and always providing the body with the best, healthiest, simplest, and most accurate information possible to forward the action in the right direction.

As I said, each case I take on is managed by me directly, and the decision to accept a new client is made on a per case basis, and requires a pre-interview (free of charge) to determine if there is a good fit and best chance of desired success. I take only a few cases per month.

If you need help

contact me for an initial pre-case consultation

Thankfully, Norma treated me as well: after 20 years of stomach problems and many efforts to find the most effective treatments, I finally have lasting relief from pain, and the constraints of living with an unpredictable illness. All gone!!! Continue Reading

A.G. Toronto January 25, 2016

More about Autism

Speaking of Autism, I recently watched an on-line Autism Summit composed of a series of top notch lectures about various alternative methods for treating autism, compiled by two devoted parents and dozens of devoted practitioners and doctors. It was really good and loaded with lots of much needed information. Here’s a link to hear 3 of the top speakers for free – Autismsummitonline.com

Watching the series also reminded me how difficult it is for thousands and thousands of unsuspecting, unprepared, and untrained parents of thousands and thousands of unexpectedly autistic children to be out there on their own trying to make sense of it all, doing their own research, seeking out meaningful treatments, trying to identify result-producing practitioners, and basically bending over backwards intellectually, emotionally, and financially, in an attempt to figure out how on earth to look after, treat, and provide proper relief for their child, who (though most test normal on the Apgar scale at birth) has somehow become lost on “the Spectrum” and is unable to find the way back home.

This experience is not what any parent is expecting when they decide to have a child, and the rise in autism is frightening indeed. It’s challenging enough to be a parent of a normal child, never mind of an ASD child. As well, many parents have had to practically become self-trained ASD practitioners themselves in order to find some relief for their child, along with becoming brand new full-time parents. It can be exhausting. I often do some TFT with at least one of the parents to relieve the feelings of distress and restore strength and resolve.

Luckily, there are some really good result-producing holistic practitioners out there, myself included, who have also been bending over backwards to put together the most effective protocols for their ASD clients. And thankfully, there are quite a few viable and some really encouraging treatments for healing the symptoms of autism with excellent and often curative results. And although more than a few of these treatments and methods may need to be explored in order to get the most healing results, they’re well worth trying, on the road to finding just that right combination of protocols that gets the result you’re looking for.

The one that makes it possible to find the way back home again.

Norma is a true healer. She uses a combination of effective, cutting-edge methods, along with a keen sense of intuition. I truly believe that my husband is alive today because of her work with him Continue Reading

J.E., Psychologist USA May 28, 2015