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Norma Gairdner, PhD, DNM
Doctorate in Natural Medicine
Board Certified
Thought Field Therapy
Voice Technology

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I treat by phone, all over the world.

  • Whole body health with unique, result-producing, holistic protocols
  • Advanced Thought Field Therapy using voice technology (VT)
  • Effective practitioner-only supplements and remedies
  • Compassionate, attentive, easy access care

My approach is simple and effective: I look for what’s really there, what’s needed and wanted, what’s missing, what’s in the way, what are the offending causes that need to be removed, and what specific information needs to be added for the body to do what it wants to do naturally…which is to be healthy, happy, and symptom-free over time.

When fully embraced, my work has brought renewed health and healing in many very difficult and chronic cases when a host of other treatments, both allopathic and holistic, had proven ineffective.

Please see some of my client reviews and feel free to contact me for a free-of-charge introductory consult. I’m here for you.

My Treatments

Grief and Trauma Treatment

Grief and trauma can leave emotional wounds that can affect us for years. However, with TFT Grief and Trauma treatment, the ill effects of trauma and grief can be rapidly reduced, even eliminated completely, allowing us to be free once again. 

Grow healthy holistically

Once we improve your circulation and elimination, feed you the right foods & supplements for your unique case, and eliminate toxins and the ill-effects of trauma and grief, your body, mind, and spirit will begin restoring you to better health, happier mood, and satisfied healthy ageing, as it’s meant to be.

Treatment by Phone

My work is done solely by phone, making it possible for clients to call me from the privacy of their home, anywhere in the world, anytime day or night, depending on the need and arrangement.

You may book a single consult, or treatment for a number of weeks or months as suits you and your needs.

Special Offer for

TFT Grief and Trauma Treatment

by donation only

Aimed at those in financial hardship, pay only what you can afford.

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Trauma and Grief Relief Treatment

First come first served, please email me to book or enquire.


Norma is a true healer. She uses a combination of effective, cutting-edge methods, along with a keen sense of intuition. I truly believe that my husband is alive today because of her work with him at a distance. Her caring comes through in all that she does

J.E., Psychologist USA

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