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My approach is pretty simple. I look for what’s really there, what’s actually needed and wanted, what’s missing, what’s in the way, what are the offending causes that need to be removed, and what information needs to be added for the body to do what it wants to do naturally… which is to be healthy and happy and symptom-free over time.

Once you improve circulation to the gut and brain, and add the missing nutrients and supporting elements to be circulated, while removing the toxic offending causes, and eliminating the ill-effects of grief and trauma, and offering the entire system the information it needs to move in the right direction… it tends to make itself better very nicely, and gracefully.

I offer easy and effective healing treatments and whole body protocols that include Homeopathy, Thought Field Therapy, unique healing protocols, refurbished nutrition, and toxin-free state-of-the-art products and services that are rare, effective, and off the common health care radar.

All of the products in the NRG Holistic healthy living store carry my personal recommendation and have been used by me and recommended to hundreds of clients, friends, and family, over many years, with excellent and refreshingly predictable results.

To learn more about the treatments and protocols I offer, please click on the links below, or contact me for a free-of-charge introductory phone consult to see what you can expect regarding your own unique case, and how we can create the best chance of success for you, going forward.

The most devastating soul fracturing feelings we can experience in this life are those that come as a result of the death of children or loved ones, the betrayals of trusted others, cruel injustices, war and war crimes, and inhumane acts of every kind.

There are people all over the world who may be feeling spiritually, emotionally, and mentally distressed, damaged, and lost, as a result of specific traumas in their lives. People who have been so hurt that they may be unable to talk about what has happened to them, because talking about the traumas they’ve experienced can bring on reminiscent reaction and repetitive symptoms, that without successful treatment can last a long time.

Thankfully, with TFT Voice Technology, even if you prefer not to talk about your traumas, or would like to treat a particular trauma ‘in secret’ by giving it a ‘code name’ – with TFT we can do that and still treat the ill-effects of these traumas, right over the phone! Successful resolution of trauma is a life-changing relief, making skilful TFT treatment well worth experiencing, even if you’re a skeptic.

Whole Body Protocols are effective holistic health protocols for your body, mind, spirit, and home. Their purpose is to assist people of all ages to be naturally happier, healthier, and as close to symptom-free as possible over time, and on into the rest of our natural lives.

Luckily, it’s possible for us to override and overcome the ill-effects of an overly chemical-ized society that up-loads us with toxins before we’re even born. Thankfully, by following these simple healing protocols, we can encourage our bodies and our lives to be healthier, happier, and basically symptom-free, once-again.

The Whole Body Protocols are about discovering, recovering, and using the natural power of your body to heal itself from the inside out, completely naturally. With the right use of these protocols you will begin to increase circulation by replacing some of the very most basic things that are missing (in almost all humans these days, and for sure in anyone who has symptoms), such that you can start to feel more like yourself again, often within a few hours or days.

First of all, everything I do and use is natural, simple, and most especially, effective.

I’ve tried and tested everything presented here, on myself and my clients over many years. It’s a whole body and lifestyle approach that begins with the very basics of improving our digestion and circulation in a totally natural, simple, and effective way. All of us, both young and old, can benefit tremendously from better digestion and improved circulation to our brains and bodies, which is how the nutrients from our food get to where they need to be, to keep us nourished and healthy.

When we replace what’s missing, we feel more like ourselves again!

I love treating kids, and especially getting results with difficult ASD cases (see Testimonials). The Whole Body Protocol for children is managed by me directly, on a per case basis.

I specialise in treating children with ASD and Autism. People often come to me as a ‘last resort’ because I am very often able to get results after everyone, the medical profession included, has admitted defeat.

My work is done solely by phone, making it possible for clients to call me from the privacy of their home, anytime day or night, depending on the need and arrangement. My services are retained hourly, weekly, monthly, or annually, please choose the option that works best for you.

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Norma is a true healer. She uses a combination of effective, cutting-edge methods, along with a keen sense of intuition. I truly believe that my husband is alive today because of her work with him at a distance. Her caring comes through in all that she does

J.E., Psychologist USA May 28, 2015