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I received these testimonials after treating clients with my Whole Body Protocols, including unique natural supplements, constitutional Homeopathy, TFT Voice Technology, and in some cases with distance healing techniques as well.

From a Psychologist: (Treated her husband, who was gravely ill from too long awaiting transplant.)

Norma is a true healer. She uses a combination of effective, cutting-edge methods, along with a keen sense of intuition. I truly believe that my husband is alive today because of her work with him at a distance. Her caring comes through in all that she does

J.E., Psychologist USA May 28, 2015

From a Medical Science Writer: (Trigeminal Nerve Shingles)

The pain from acute shingles prompted me to seek help from Norma Gairdner, H.D. Within 20 minutes of TFT by telephone, the severe pain disappeared, never to return. The word miracle came to mind! The combination of Norma’s intensive training, her insights, modern technology, and ancient wisdom provides consistent and lasting relief from myriad illnesses and conditions.

R.S. Toronto December 14, 2015

From an artist and writer: (Complex Trauma)

I am seventy two years old and it seems I spent my entire lifetime in therapy. However, in only two days of Thought Field Therapy with Norma Gairdner my life was transformed.  All of the issues that I had thrashed over with conventional therapists evaporated within a couple of sessions with Norma. Now, I do the simple treatments that she introduced me to and voila, there is a space of clarity and peace before me that is hard to describe – a total absence of everything stressful, a void that feels so precious it’s difficult to describe. I thank you, the creators of TFT, for this incredible advent into emotional healing and I celebrate Norma’s magnificence in applying it.

P.W. Colorado December 14, 2015

From a Mental Health & International Relief Worker: (Taught him the NRG Method of self-muscle-testing)

Clearly, Norma Gairdner has added a new dimension to the muscle testing technique so necessary for determining the presence of psychological reversal (PR) and the impact of toxins. Her personal technique of self-muscle-testing, along with Callahan TFT protocols, makes self-treatment easy and effective, and now I don’t have to depend on anyone else to muscle-test me. Thank you Norma, for your innovative way of helping us help ourselves.

H.A. Washington December 14, 2015

From a world-renowned Canadian Orthopaedic surgeon: (Parkinson’s Disease)

I am a physician educated in Western medicine. In recent years however, I have become familiar with Homeopathy and Thought Field Therapy through the care of Norma Gairdner. I have a progressive neuromuscular condition, Parkinson’s Disease, for which there are few effective therapies – often only symptomatic or palliative relief. I do believe that through the treatments of Norma Gairdner, I now have a steadier gate, less tremor, and a deeper sleep each night. I am improved, without drugs, and we only just started.

Dr. Robert Salter World renowned Paediatric & Orthopaedic Surgeon - Toronto December 14, 2015

From a Decorator: (Fear of flying)

Just weeks before an important business trip, I was so consumed with the fear of flying that I almost wanted to quit my job. My anxiety levels had reached a fever pitch, and I was living an acute and over-sensitized life, over-reacting to even small things. I was doing everything I could to keep control of the things in my life, but was always under fear of losing it, all spurred on by a sudden phobia of flying that I had never really had before.  I finally sought the help of Norma Gairdner, who I worked with for 2 weeks prior to my flight. As a result of Norma’s therapy, I was able to breathe again, feel under control, and sleep restfully again. Connectedness to others came back, and most of all, balance. With her program, I was able to get to the airport, meet colleagues in the lounge, have relaxing conversation, and board the plane to take my seat. Once seated, I read a magazine in total calmness and with a sense of security.  I did not experience the anticipated panic attack at all, and this was at once a complete wonderment and a welcome development. Norma changed so much for me for the better. Thank you!

C.C Toronto December 14, 2015

From a singer, writer, performer: (Complex Trauma & love pain)

Norma helped me through a time of shattering on every level of my life. Whenever panic and negativity overwhelmed me, she was there with treatments that calmed the inner storms and encouraged healing. I don’t know how I would have made it through my dark night of the soul without her. Thank you, Norma.

B.M. Montana December 14, 2015

From a photographer and homebuilder: (Chronic irregular heartbeat)

For years my heart has been of concern to me. Having been diagnosed with a prolapsed mitral valve years ago, to the doctors reversing that diagnosis and finally determining I had lone atrial fib and extra beats. The doctors said to either “get used to my irregular beats” which were keeping me awake and waking me up constantly through out the night, or to “take beta blockers”. I asked Norma to help me, and upon giving me a homeopathic remedy and 20 minutes of TFT  I have been so pleased, and for the past year without hardly any symptoms. I felt so terrible on beta blockers and now, thanks to Norma, I feel great.

C.G. Ontario December 14, 2015

From a singer, writer, performer: (Complex Trauma & love pain)

I want to thank you for your tremendous help in assisting me in getting my sleeping pattern back on track, as it was taking a toll on my life. The medical solution was drugs which I used initially out of desperation and ignorance. Then I came to Norma to find a homeopathic solution to my problem. Within a few weeks, and off the medication, my length of sleeping gradually increased to a point where I actually slept an entire night, for the first time in several years – what a celebration. Norma guided me through Homeopathic and Thought Field Therapy to regain control over my sleep patterns. And now, almost a year later I can honestly say that I have not had a recurrence and sleep peacefully every night. Thank you Norma !!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Toronto December 14, 2015

From a mother: (4 yr old boy with whole-body itching bleeding Eczema.)

From my point of view, this treatment has given me back my son, who is nearly completely better at this writing. We barely had any relationship outside of the confrontations surrounding his intense desire to scratch and my trying to prevent him from scratching. Now we interact on many other levels. He seems much more peaceful, both mentally and physically. I hear about his day at school, we make up stories together, draw pictures together, and I am now able to cuddle with him more, especially at bedtime as he can stay still longer. During the times when the eczema was the worst, he pulled away from me and our energies reminded me of two magnets with opposite polarities repelling each other. He would thrash about so that I was risking injury to be near him. Tonight he told me that his favourite thing now is snuggling. What a precious gift to be able to hold my son again. Words cannot express my gratitude, Norma. Thank you.

L.F. Ontario December 14, 2015

Re: my mentor: Roger J. Callahan, PhD – Founder, Thought Field Therapy.

My aging husband suffered from chronic and sometimes acute bronchitis. After years of recurring prescriptions for antibiotics, and numerous homeopathic protocols, Norma got it under control and he never had to take another round of antibiotics. None of the other homeopaths we went to achieved the same immediate response or sustained level of results.  But even more importantly, her expertise greatly improved his overall quality of life. She was able to ease the challenges of being in one’s late 80’s; relieving aches and pains, and balance and mobility issues, and digestive difficulties, whenever she was called upon, and all without the risky side-effects of medications. Norma is a wizard with homeopathy, TFT, and nutritional support. We were both very grateful for her care, and I still consult her for all my general health needs. I never hesitate to heartily recommend her to our clients.

Joanne Callahan President - Callahan Techniques December 14, 2015

From a mother: (twin boys diagnosed with Autism at 18 months)

Our twin sons were placed on the Autism Disorder Spectrum when they were 18 months old.  They showed signs of major delay with no walking or talking (extremely vocal, but had no language), and they lacked common communication skills like pointing and clapping. After very slow and gradual progression they began walking on their own at 20 mos., but by 26 mos. they still had no language, even though they were in private speech therapy.

Norma Gairdner, H.D., began treating my sons when they were 26 mos. She began with Thought Field Therapy (TFT), treating them for various traumas and identifying toxins and sensitivities to things the boys were regularly consuming, or being exposed to, such as scented laundry products and air fresheners. After doing TFT with them, the boys’ general behavior and temperament seemed to change within that hour. With a schedule of homeopathic remedies, elimination of various foods and chemicals, and lots of TFT (most often by phone), their language became recognizable and a gush of new words began to come from them daily.

Norma’s treatments have not only opened up the huge dam that was blocking the boys’ development, but her unyielding dedication and relentless research into supportive and corrective supplements, cutting edge literature and progressive websites, to aid in further discovering a curative treatment has been irrevocably and ultimately appreciated.

There are no true words to express our debt of gratitude to her as we had ultimately felt that our twins’ “sentence” was for life, and looking around at the limited resources that western medicine recognizes, we began to have no hope for recovery. Now, we see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s all because of Norma’s guiding hand, knowledge and determination. Today, the boys are 3.5 years old. They are walking, and talking (all the time), and both boys are extremely social and loving to everyone around them. It is expected by their pediatrician that they will be removed from the Autism Disorder Spectrum in July 2010, at their next Neurological Pediatrician appointment.

With love and admiration.

N.B. The boys were removed from the Autism Spectrum by their M.D., in July 2010. They entered kindergarten in the fall. Spring 2011, mother reports: ‘They’re thriving!’

A.M. Ontario March 2010 January 25, 2016

From the mother of my interpreter when teaching advanced personal awareness seminars, in Moscow (Chronic disease state)

I treated her mother, whom I had never met, using distance healing techniques, followed by one dose of a constitutional homeopathic remedy.

My name is A. B. I am 70 years old. I live in the South of Russia. For the last 30-35 years I am suffering from a severe form of drug allergy. My case is complicated with chronic pyelonephritis, chronic pancreatitis, chronic gastritis, varicose veins, cerebral stroke and other deceases, such as basal cell carcinoma on my right eyelid. In December 2005 I was very sick. I felt enormous weakness, apathy, high fever, and sadness. Besides, I had a high blood pressure (240/100), and a bad pyelonephritis attack. I cannot explain how badly I felt. Norma (she is friend with my daughter) was so kind to agree to take my case and to treat me with TFT in a distance from Canada to Russia. As a result of Norma’s treatment I felt 30-35% better during the first session, and my fever came right down. She worked on me everyday until I was 90% better, and my blood pressure came to a normal 130/80. It has not been normal for many, many years. As well, I became buoyant, and even began to react on jokes. Up until now – today, one year later – I am still feeling myself well and buoyant. I do a lot of things in the house and in my garden that I have not been able to do for many years. Even if I get tired physically, I am still buoyant and happy to be alive. I am deeply impressed by the method Norma used for treating me – especially all the way from Canada to Russia. It is a miracle how it worked!

A.B. North Ossetia January 25, 2016

From a father: (10 year old son, Tourette Syndrome)

We started working with Norma in January 2012, a few months after confirmation of our son’s diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome. At the time, our son J’s physical tics and involuntary vocalizations were increasing in intensity, and becoming almost seizure-like, with eyes rolling back into his head. However, with Norma’s guidance to alter his diet, probiotic treatment, elimination of toxins and chemicals from our home, constitutional homeopathy and on-going TFT treatment, he rapidly made substantial and remarkable improvements that have endured in the long term. At this time, and for 4 to 5 months now, J has been consistently between 85-100% better in all areas of measurement. We are very grateful for Norma’s holistic approach to our son’s treatment, and her deep understanding of his healing needs as a patient.

M.N. Ontario January 25, 2016

From a mother: (9 year old daughter, severe Autism)

My daughter M was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. This was very devastating to our whole family and especially to me as a parent. We had tried many, many treatments in the last 6 years and we sought Norma’s help originally for cease therapy. We only have just started her treatments but we have seen improvements in many areas already. We have seen 70-80% improvement in her joint attention, and significant improvement in her sleeping habits, M used to sleep no more that 4-5 hours at night with a lot of disruptive behavior. Norma brought to our attention that the detergents and perfumes we were using were a problem. After 1 week of a scent-free home we have seen an 95% improvement in her sleep and night time behaviors. We have also seen gains in her nutrition – after weighing 50 pounds for ages and ages, she has suddenly gained 8 pounds already! We have seen a great improvement in her gait and balance. Although we still have far to go we are optimistic for the first time in a long time. Thank you Norma.

M.F. Ontario January 25, 2016

From a mother: (19 year old son, Autistic son) Treated son for ASD, & mother for Chronic Fatigue, IBS, and PTSD.)

I had raised my autistic son for 18 years, with the help of many good and not so good therapies, therapists, teachers, and care givers. When I found Norma, my son was still pacing and hand-clenching, fearful, and not wanting to be touched. My biggest wish was that he graduate from the high school program he was in, and somehow go on to function more independently at whatever he might do after high school. As it turned out, I got my wish and more so! The pacing and hand clenching are gone, he has graduated from high school, he got a driver’s license, and is living on his own at college studying music! A well-earned miracle!!!

Thankfully, Norma treated me as well: after 20 years of stomach problems and many efforts to find the most effective treatments, I finally have lasting relief from pain, and the constraints of living with an unpredictable illness. All gone!!! No longer worry about sudden painful bouts followed by crushing fatigue, and I can regularly enjoy foods I thought I would never be able to touch again.

Clearly, the results have been life changing for both of us!!!

A.G. Toronto January 25, 2016

From a Visionary, Artist, Film maker, & Inventor: (Marginal Zone Lymphoma)

In 2011, I was diagnosed with a low grade form of Lymphoma. My energy was debilitatingly low, and just getting dressed required several breaks. My older sister had died of Lymphoma a few years before, and my oldest son had years ago luckily survived Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, however, it looked and definitely felt like I was at the beginning of my way out. The Oncology ward at our local hospital, monitored my state on a regular basis. In the year before I came under Norma’s care little had changed. Thanks to the guidance of holistic healer Norma Gairdner, H.D., who uses Homeopathy, TFT voice technology, and whole body nutritional protocols, my way back to health also included dietary changes, powerful probiotics, and removal of offending causes. Fortunately, I never had to do chemo or radiation. A year later, as I turned 75, the best gift was the Oncologist report that my blood count was back to normal and there were “no signs of the lymphoma”! I think I already knew that because my energy had come back – not like it was at 18 – but better than it’s been in a long time. Thanks Norma, I have a renewed lease and maybe some time to finish all these projects!

Bill Lishman Known as 'Father Goose' - Ontario January 25, 2016

From a Wilderness Artist: (Who had been on antibiotics for 22 years due to skin troubles)

 Norma Gairdner’s anytime/anyplace health care services have proven invaluable to me over the 20 years that I have known Norma. I am a wilderness artist and find myself in remote and varied environments in North America, and other parts of the world. Whether it’s vicious stings, poison ivy, extreme flu, or upset digestion, Norma has been at the other end of the phone ready to send out remedies to me and to support me in getting over set-backs as quickly as possible. I find her diagnosis to be spot on, and I am without fail, soon on the mend.

When I began working with Norma 20 years ago, I had been on antibiotics for 22 years prescribed by medical doctors due to skin troubles. Even so, my skin was rough, red and troubled. I had lost the ability to digest many foods over time. Norma, through Thought Field Therapy and muscle testing was able to identify food sensitivities, and assist me in stopping all medication. My skin became clear and has remained so since.

Through the years, Norma has helped even my extended family with health concerns. She willingly goes the extra mile to seek outside expertise when necessary. I have found that I can count on accurate and effective healing help from Norma from wherever and whenever I need to reach her.

B. R. Ontario January 25, 2016

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