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Here’s the thing: everywhere I go, people both young and old are always asking me: ‘what are you doing?’, ‘how come you look so good?’, ‘what are you using on your skin?’, ‘what are you eating?’, ‘what’s your secret?’, ‘what do I have to do to look like you when I’m your age ?’, and ‘how come you look younger every year?’

Well, I likely don’t look younger every year, however, I do seem to be aging more slowly and more healthfully than many people both older and younger than myself, so understandably, they want to know how it is I’m doing that. And more importantly, though I’ve had my share of traumas, injuries, and illnesses, I’m pretty much symptom-free, completely drug-free, OTC pain-killer-free, and most thankfully (even with post-traumatic arthritis) amazingly pain-free too – and all through simple, natural, effective, holistic means.

Here’s a brief review of the Whole Body Zoomer Holistic Protocol for a healthier happier you, now and far into the future.

First of all, everything I do and use is natural, simple, and most especially, effective. I’ve tried and tested everything presented here, on myself and my clients over many years. It’s a whole body and lifestyle approach that begins with the very basics of improving our digestion and circulation in a totally natural, simple, and effective way.  All of us, both young and old, can benefit tremendously from better digestion and improved circulation to our brains and bodies, which is how the nutrients from our food get to where they need to be, to keep us nourished and healthy.

I’ve spent about 35 years scouting out the best products for my clients and myself, and the Zoomer Holistic Protocol includes several dozen wonderful, clean, toxin-free, effective products, and clear usage guidelines such that you can begin benefiting almost right away in many ways – starting with your mood, immunity, and overall health, and  an on-going goal of being as symptom-free as possible now and into the future.

Once you begin feeling some results on the initial Whole Body Protocol (anywhere from 1 hour to a week or so),  we introduce the next protocol and product, which is high dose human strain probiotics. The key here is live human strains, as opposed to the usual bovine strains. (Why would we want to ingest cow bacteria anyway?)

This special state-of-the-art probiotic, which I’ve tested on myself and my clients for a few years now, is 100% natural Human Probiotic Isolate from human breast milk. It contains multi-strains of the most rare, fragile, and often missing strains, that when replaced in our gut, help restore us to a more healthy happy natural self, while bringing a host of benefits displayed differently in every person, from infant to old age.

All of us can benefit from these fragile strains that get lost or damaged due to antibiotics or other factors, and in Ceasarian births, for example, are missing completely because we never receive the initial balanced human strains of friendly bacteria meant to be ingested during our passage through the birth canal. This human strain probiotic replaces what’s missing, lost, or destroyed, such that our mood, gut, and immunity become improved, and often dramatically so.

When we replace what’s missing, we feel more like ourselves again!

Along with replacing what’s missing, we start removing the offending causes as well, and begin supporting our renewed self into the future through the addition of natural healthy foods, supplements, products, that work to forward the action toward a happier healthier body, mind, and naturally supportive lifestyle.

The Zoomer Protocol provides dozens of links and referrals to hard-to-find state of the art toxin-free products, along with easy to understand usage guidelines. It’s upgraded as needed with additional products, and includes the many most effective toxin-free items I’ve found for myself and my clients, over years of searching for the simplest and the best: shampoos, face and body products, tooth and gum oil, anti-aging face and systemic products, liquid ionic plant minerals, L-ascorbate Vit C, activated stabilized liquid oxygen, real dead sea salts, various effective supplements and remedies for your whole body: memory, cardiovascular, lung, prostate, bladder, etc., heavy metal detox, organ support tinctures, chemical-free organic hair color, toxin-free organic household products, organic cotton dust-mite covers, toxin-free kitchen pans, best tasting home-made two-ingredient organic chocolate ever, state-of-the-art water purification, and even an exclusive one of a kind brand new wheel-chair mini-van.