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From a mother: (4 yr old boy with whole-body itching bleeding Eczema.)
December 14, 2015

From my point of view, this treatment has given me back my son, who is nearly completely better at this writing. We barely had any relationship outside of the confrontations surrounding his intense desire to scratch and my trying to prevent him from scratching. Now we interact on many other levels. He seems much more peaceful, both mentally and physically. I hear about his day at school, we make up stories together, draw pictures together, and I am now able to cuddle with him more, especially at bedtime as he can stay still longer. During the times when the eczema was the worst, he pulled away from me and our energies reminded me of two magnets with opposite polarities repelling each other. He would thrash about so that I was risking injury to be near him. Tonight he told me that his favourite thing now is snuggling. What a precious gift to be able to hold my son again. Words cannot express my gratitude, Norma. Thank you.