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Re: my mentor: Roger J. Callahan, PhD – Founder, Thought Field Therapy.
December 14, 2015

My aging husband suffered from chronic and sometimes acute bronchitis. After years of recurring prescriptions for antibiotics, and numerous homeopathic protocols, Norma got it under control and he never had to take another round of antibiotics. None of the other homeopaths we went to achieved the same immediate response or sustained level of results.  But even more importantly, her expertise greatly improved his overall quality of life. She was able to ease the challenges of being in one’s late 80’s; relieving aches and pains, and balance and mobility issues, and digestive difficulties, whenever she was called upon, and all without the risky side-effects of medications. Norma is a wizard with homeopathy, TFT, and nutritional support. We were both very grateful for her care, and I still consult her for all my general health needs. I never hesitate to heartily recommend her to our clients.