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From a Decorator: (Fear of flying)
December 14, 2015

Just weeks before an important business trip, I was so consumed with the fear of flying that I almost wanted to quit my job. My anxiety levels had reached a fever pitch, and I was living an acute and over-sensitized life, over-reacting to even small things. I was doing everything I could to keep control of the things in my life, but was always under fear of losing it, all spurred on by a sudden phobia of flying that I had never really had before.  I finally sought the help of Norma Gairdner, who I worked with for 2 weeks prior to my flight. As a result of Norma’s therapy, I was able to breathe again, feel under control, and sleep restfully again. Connectedness to others came back, and most of all, balance. With her program, I was able to get to the airport, meet colleagues in the lounge, have relaxing conversation, and board the plane to take my seat. Once seated, I read a magazine in total calmness and with a sense of security.  I did not experience the anticipated panic attack at all, and this was at once a complete wonderment and a welcome development. Norma changed so much for me for the better. Thank you!