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From a Visionary, Artist, Film maker, & Inventor: (Marginal Zone Lymphoma)
January 25, 2016

In 2011, I was diagnosed with a low grade form of Lymphoma. My energy was debilitatingly low, and just getting dressed required several breaks. My older sister had died of Lymphoma a few years before, and my oldest son had years ago luckily survived Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, however, it looked and definitely felt like I was at the beginning of my way out. The Oncology ward at our local hospital, monitored my state on a regular basis. In the year before I came under Norma’s care little had changed. Thanks to the guidance of holistic healer Norma Gairdner, H.D., who uses Homeopathy, TFT voice technology, and whole body nutritional protocols, my way back to health also included dietary changes, powerful probiotics, and removal of offending causes. Fortunately, I never had to do chemo or radiation. A year later, as I turned 75, the best gift was the Oncologist report that my blood count was back to normal and there were “no signs of the lymphoma”! I think I already knew that because my energy had come back – not like it was at 18 – but better than it’s been in a long time. Thanks Norma, I have a renewed lease and maybe some time to finish all these projects!