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From a Wilderness Artist: (Who had been on antibiotics for 22 years due to skin troubles)
January 25, 2016

 Norma Gairdner’s anytime/anyplace health care services have proven invaluable to me over the 20 years that I have known Norma. I am a wilderness artist and find myself in remote and varied environments in North America, and other parts of the world. Whether it’s vicious stings, poison ivy, extreme flu, or upset digestion, Norma has been at the other end of the phone ready to send out remedies to me and to support me in getting over set-backs as quickly as possible. I find her diagnosis to be spot on, and I am without fail, soon on the mend.

When I began working with Norma 20 years ago, I had been on antibiotics for 22 years prescribed by medical doctors due to skin troubles. Even so, my skin was rough, red and troubled. I had lost the ability to digest many foods over time. Norma, through Thought Field Therapy and muscle testing was able to identify food sensitivities, and assist me in stopping all medication. My skin became clear and has remained so since.

Through the years, Norma has helped even my extended family with health concerns. She willingly goes the extra mile to seek outside expertise when necessary. I have found that I can count on accurate and effective healing help from Norma from wherever and whenever I need to reach her.