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From a mother: (19 year old son, Autistic son) Treated son for ASD, & mother for Chronic Fatigue, IBS, and PTSD.)
January 25, 2016

I had raised my autistic son for 18 years, with the help of many good and not so good therapies, therapists, teachers, and care givers. When I found Norma, my son was still pacing and hand-clenching, fearful, and not wanting to be touched. My biggest wish was that he graduate from the high school program he was in, and somehow go on to function more independently at whatever he might do after high school. As it turned out, I got my wish and more so! The pacing and hand clenching are gone, he has graduated from high school, he got a driver’s license, and is living on his own at college studying music! A well-earned miracle!!!

Thankfully, Norma treated me as well: after 20 years of stomach problems and many efforts to find the most effective treatments, I finally have lasting relief from pain, and the constraints of living with an unpredictable illness. All gone!!! No longer worry about sudden painful bouts followed by crushing fatigue, and I can regularly enjoy foods I thought I would never be able to touch again.

Clearly, the results have been life changing for both of us!!!